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Michael Shane Truett

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Shane Truett was born and raised in Eastern North Carolina. He received his undergraduate degree in English from UNC-Wilmington and he worked as a drywall finisher to pay his way through college. He is a proud graduate of North Carolina Central University School of Law where he met his law partners Tin and Esteban.


After law school, Shane took a job at the Tennessee Justice Project, a non-profit organization, which was devoted to criminal justice reform with a particular focus on reforming the death penalty system. After the Tennessee Justice Project closed its doors, Shane returned to North Carolina to form Central Law Group with his friends from law school.


Shane has devoted his legal career to providing legal services for the underrepresented and the marginalized. Shane takes a holistic approach to the practice of law in which he considers the whole person and the whole problem to develop a healthier and more sustainable solution to legal issues. He believes that the best thing a lawyer can provide their clients is peace of mind.


Shane devotes a good deal of time outside of the office volunteering on pro bono cases, naturalization clinics, and fighting for reforms for the political, criminal justice, and immigration systems. Currently, Shane is focused on ending gerrymandering in North Carolina which he claims “denies us the right to self-govern.” In his spare time, Shane loves to work in his garden and one day hopes to trade in his suits for overalls and run his own small farm.


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